Your small bathroom can benefit hugely from the right tile design.

If you have a small bathroom that needs to be tiled, the last thing you want is to make it appear smaller by choosing the wrong colour, shape or style of tile. When it comes to choosing the design and colour of the tiles for your small bathroom, there are a few things you should first know. Your first consideration should definitely be the colour of the tiles.

Darker colours give the impression of closeness, which can make your bathroom feel smaller than it really is. This is the main reason why most ceilings are painted white, to give a room the feeling of space. Because of this, the best tile colour for small bathrooms is either white, light grey or cream. If you want to introduce colour, you can add trim or accent lines in certain areas if necessary. Some lighter tiles also have subtle patterns in them, which can add interest without having the visual effect of making the space seem pokey. It’s also best to avoid dark grout which will contrast too much with the lighter tiles. This will create a grid-like effect, making the room seem even smaller than it is. The thinner the grout line is, the better.

The next thing to think about is the size and shape of the tile itself. Because they result in fewer grout lines, larger tiles will give the impression of a bigger space; however, it’s important not to go too large, otherwise the opposite effect will come into play because the proportion will appear wrong. Steer clear of mosaic tiles or small square tiles where possible. Rectangular tiles, such as subway tiles, are a good option because their length will trick the eye into thinking the room is deeper than it is.

The third thing to take into account is how the tiles will be laid. Laying your tiles diagonally is said to have a lengthening effect as well, creating the illusion of a larger space. It’s also not recommended that you tile right up to the ceiling if your bathroom is small and especially if the ceiling is also low.

At Port Kembla Tiles, we have a range of tiles for bathrooms in light colours, which would suit a small bathroom. Our expert team can also advise you on the best way to go about retiling a small bathroom, from the type of tiles to choose, to how best to plan the installation and even what equipment you may need. With eight years of experience, our staff can easily tell you how to make a small bathroom look bigger with tiles. Our qualified and experienced tilers can complete your installation or you can hire the equipment you need from us in order to tackle the job yourself. We also offer tile stripping and removal, if you need to first remove the old tiles before going ahead with our project. Get in touch with our team to further discuss you tiling project or to request an obligation free quote.

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